A horrible hack


This Wave Is Only For The Good Hearted

Year Released: 2008
Format: LP
Label: sncl - De Graanrepubliek
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Nov 2, 2008
This, to me, is what Ďproperí emo should be. Not marginalised off into a little college rock or loud/quiet subdivision, but rather very much a punk band in sound and action. The kind of band that, if certain emo hating h/c kids could get past their own prejudices with the word, then they could see what a cracking DIY punk record this is. The band themselves claim influence from the Red Scare, and thatís good enough for me. I also hear slight similarities in part with perhaps Reiziger or Kosjer D, however there is also the more obvious Shotmaker comparison that many folk make, and that too is not without merit. Certainly their songs are forged on a great rumbling, anvil-hammered bass sound, and with Pascal's desperate vocals hollering out at you, they could indeed be Shotmaker's fruity euro brother. This however should not in any way write them off as derivative or copycats. Itís just a good reference point for a sound not much approached lately, which Brito capture perfectly. To top it all off there is some very smart cover art, rounding off the whole quality package. Featuring members of the HUGELY underrated Los Asesinos Del La Superficialidad, they tour here in December and I strongly recommend you pick this up and catch them then. Lovely stuff.

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