A horrible hack

The Measure

One Chapter In The Book

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Kiss of Death
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Nov 12, 2008

A compilation cd of material previously released on vinyl is the order of the day here it seems, so if (unlike me) you are familiar with their brand of folk-punk-pop jams and have a pile of their 7"s lying around you probably needn't re-invest. It seems there is a lot of this sort of stuff about over the last few years, but they do it as well as any I have heard (admittedly not that many) and... oh, crap, this definitely seems to be growing on me over the course of this cd. Should I re-write this review? Nah, I think you still get the basic idea pretty well, if it was still summer it might actually be close to perfect, but it's not, it's autumn and it's England so it's just cheerful, slightly twee, mostly female fronted pop by / for dudes who wear tank tops and cheap lace up plimsolls they (claim they) found in a Subway dumpster. If that is you, be stoked.

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