A horrible hack

Black Friday '29

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Blacktop Records
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Nov 12, 2008

I was a big fan of BF'29's previous lp 'the escape' despite the fact that even now, some years down the line I might struggle to tell or name one song from another. This is something they seem to have addressed on this new release as, whilst in the same musical ball park, a much more confident and musically defined act is emerging. Broadly speaking I can't seem to put a finger on exactly what has changed so I'll simply put it down to them taking the last few years to hone their chops a little (the space between the last lp and this must be longer than many hc bands entire life spans)and general age and wisdom. So a Euro-core band growing older graceully? That's right, mother lover.

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