A horrible hack

Call it Arson

Moth Wash

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Kill Normal
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 23, 2008
This is a nice taster for a band from New Haven. "There's a Way to Be On" breaks in as a slow burner, gently ebbing - indie rock with a piano that creeps a long glacially at times. It does crank things up for periods, the vocals are perhaps not totally to my tastes, I do love some over-wrought angst, but this guy just sounds a bit too much in the vein of somebody like Rocky Votapotato or Conor Oberst. I guess that's where the music lies too, somewhere between Waxwing and the Diggs. As such, it's a good effort. The other side of this single is a shorter, more bombastic effort, rocking out a bit more.

I liked this single without it blowing me away, I think I'd be more interested to hear them over the course of an LP but I get the feeling that the vocals would make or break it for most people.

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