A horrible hack

Battle for Prague

We Could Be Anywhere

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 6, 2008
There is one very obvious thing that would make this band better. And that is a singer that doesn't sound like he is in Coldplay. Frequently, the vocals are so wishy washy and lily livered, that I half expect there to be an intelude after every track where he apologises profusely for taking up your time by singing to you, and that he hopes that you at least think it's ok, don't you? Sorry to trouble you by asking now. The music however is much superior to the singing. The band plays an enjoyable brand of indie rock that meanders really nicely between timid and lively, it's the old favourite quiet / loud trick, but they have it down pat. Battle for Prague do things like play really smart repetetive basslines or wander into pleasant jangles that tick over for a while, instead of being in a horrid hurry to get on to the next bit of the song. OK, so at times, the singer does find his lungs and belts it out a bit, but you know he is going to get all bashful again any minute. It's kind of bizarre, because if you check out their myspace you'll see he looks like he's in Hot Water Music, or works as a lumberjack. One of the two. Although I just noticed that there are two singers listed there, so maybe it's the other guy, who just looks like any random guy you'd care to name, a random guy who enjoys a pint or two. Anyway, I'm getting away from the point, the music is nicely paced indie rock in the manner of Built to Spill or the first Band of Horses LP, and if you are the kind of by the book indie rocker who enjoys guitar strummage, decent tunes and this one bit that could have been off the second Boys Life LP, then give them a go. The only problem is that they're competing for your ear time with bands such as the Wrens, and really, you're going to stick on the world weary lament of Meadowlands instead of this, aren't you. I am. Regardless, I reckon that they'll crank out a decent LP in a year or so and be worth a look live and then split up. For that is the way of the world.

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