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Kids Explode - Solemn League


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: asymmetrie
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jan 23, 2009
Kids Explode is a band I've never really been taken by, although I did do a bit of tracing back and found I did a reasonably positive review of their demo many moons ago. On this split they don't really do much to change my opinion. It's some kind of dancey indie / punk, with some widdly guitars, a la Party of Helicopters, but without the drive, energy and song writing. I think if you are into Kids Explode then you will probably be quite happy with this, but as I already said, the band don't really hook me and so I can't really get too gushing about this. After that there is a remix. Uhh......

Solemn League however are pretty good. They are new to me, and also go down the indie / punk pathway. It's familiar sounding stuff, with the melodic sensibilities of something like Meneguar, yet some edgier parts where they rock out a bit more. They aren't that different to Kids Explode if the truth be told, also doing some guitar widdling, but a) they don't have a remix, and b) things are a bit grittier and more interesting. The second song, "Turns", is the standout track on this record, upping the pace and rock quotient, charming some Hot Snakes out of the basket. You'll spot those bits, the guitar sound is spot on.

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