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Apologies, I Have None


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy B on Jan 31, 2009
AIHN play very stripped down “folk punk”, the band itself is quite simple, an acoustic guitar, what sounds like a home-made drum kit and two voices who sometimes are able to harmonise with each other, and sometimes are a tiny bit off the mark.

The songs themselves are meant to inspire, to rouse, to force you to raise your pint glass in the air spilling your beer all over those who are surrounding you. Its quite well recorded considering other bands in this genre tend to point a mic into the room and record onto a four track.

“Eason Drive” features an electric guitar as well as the acoustic and drum kit, not sure if they use a third member to pull this off live or not. They played Manchester recently but I was in Iceland. Its a decent track but it does go on a bit, I imagine its probably their set closer.

All in all, its a decent enough demo for this sort of genre, if you don't like anything on plan-it-x, I can't see this changing your opinion, but AIHN are a strong UK band and it'll be good to see them out and about in this country and abroad.

And I didn't mention Against Me once.

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