A horrible hack

Lights Action

Welcome to the New Cold World

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Colt Signals
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 4, 2009
Well, given the enormous success of post rock bands, I guess it wasn't going to be too long until someone did the MTVmo version. Put some awful, whiney vocals over piss-weak attempts at grandiousity (odiosity more like), and you get Lights Action. It sounds like the new Take That incarnation. Crossed with Coldplay. For serious. This is designed for stadiums, but destined for back rooms. And I find it utterly disgusting. There is football crowd singalong "WOAH OH OH OH" bits whilst they slide their tedious opening song from one pointless note to the next. Now there is piano. And there is a band that thinks that sounding as shit as this is a route to fame and fortune and tracks on soundtracks of films that no-one will remember 3 seconds after they leave the cinema. This is the soundtrack to just how shit the next two years are going to be for a lot of people. Yet not a soundtrack of inspiration, anger or negativity, but one that re-affirms how awful literally everything is. Even the music you listen to. All the best in your quest for glory Lights Action, you will need a lot of luck.

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