A horrible hack


Terminal Cancer

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Shortfuse - Way Back When
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Feb 10, 2009
Perth rippers EXTORTION continue their recent prolificacy with this 4 track recorded rager that in their own words is "raw as piss." Lately way too many limp cocks bandy around the INFEST influence with their forced, nouveau powerviolence (a particular bugbear of mine) and rarely do they cut the mustard - but EXTORTION are a clear exception to the rule. This particular 7 is a scuzzy blast that channels the fast hardcore precision of SEEIN RED through the sheer belligerent power of INFEST. Blistering rage, roasted under the merciless unforgiving Aussie sun. Fierce, nihilistic, and pissed right the fuck off. Fucking great.

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