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One Reason - The Because


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: salinas - Snuffy Smile
Reviewed by Tom Sloan on Feb 16, 2009
This one’s a joint release by Snuffy Smile and the ever-excellent Salinas Records. I enjoyed One Reason’s previous Salinas 7” and its more of the same here – quick and to-the-point punk rock with exuberant female vocals bringing up the energy levels. She reminds me a bit of a female version of the Thermals vocalist, but it’s more This Is My Fist, musically speaking. One song is fast, the other slower, and I’m drawn to describe their side of the record as ‘solid’, rather then ‘barnstorming’. Japan’s The Because are a good match on the flip, though bring a retro-flavour to their punk rock jams. The first song is the best on show, all bouncey riffs with some great high-pitched vocals. Good song-writing, great fun. The second tune sees a guy takeover the vocals, which perhaps lessens the band’s appeal somewhat, but fails to take away from the overall positive vibes here. Japan wins!

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