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the Wonder Years - All or Nothing


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: No Sleep
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 22, 2009
Man, the Wonder Years are totally cheeseball, but you could probably have guessed that from the name. Basically if you like Something To Write Home About era Get Up Kids, the Anniversary, and Saves the Day, you will fucking love this, you deaf twit. The singing is all whiney but in a bizarre, sneery fashion. It has some group shouty bits, some bleepy keyboards and basically it is the kind of thing that makes me slap my forehead, in time with tapping my foot, as it's bloody catchy and tuneful. It gets a bit "TOUGH" towards the end, and the final line is "I just want my bike back". The second song mentions Bukowski. Bands died in their millions to stop you having to listen to dross like this, sadly, in vain. Music like this should not be in vinyl, but it is probably pressed on a billion colours so that the hordes of Vinyl Collective forum drones can spaff a load. Some of them handily have been manufactured on white. Turn it over, and you get All or Nothing, whoo are Brummies, I was expecting them to sound exactly the same as the Wonder Years. And that is mostly the case. I was hoping to hear more of an accent in the vocals though. They have definitely got more than a semi for Saves the Day and other similarily grim bands. It also has really fake sounding drumming, and Hundred Reasons style riffs. This got more dislikeable as it went on. Ouch.

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