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Kidcrash - Arse Moreira


Year Released: 2007
Format: 5"
Label: Escucha - Clemontine - Denov
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on May 6, 2009
Five inches! A pretty squitty little record if I might say. However, Kidcrash + Arse Moreira? Can’t be bad. Although possibly being the smallest record in the world, the packaging that holds it is cool beans. Nice hand drawn animals and shapes with “misspellings” of the band’s names on, hence the title. There’s an insert (I’m a sucker for extras) that says something along the lines of: ‘all profit for this record will go towards helping those with substance abuse problems’. All for a good cause then. Excellent. Arse Moreira’s side is a lot better than I’d thought it’d be; an instrumental piece just shy of two minutes with that crazy stop-start thing that they do. It all gets nice and linear for the last thirty or forty seconds which is welcome considering the chaos they dish out in the first half. Nice work chaps. Kidcrash’s side is one of their shorter songs but they still manage to pack as much variation in as ever. Lots of throaty vocals too low in the mix (as always) which seems to be becoming Kidcrash’s trademark. Raspy drums too, gotta love Buster’s drumming - really technical. I suppose that’s one similarity you could draw between the bands on this record; stop-start, stop-start, cramming as much in as possible. Kidcrash’s side is more melodic mind, probably why I prefer their side. All in all, a neat little piece.

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