A horrible hack

Tunguska - Karaktermoord

split 7

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: De Graanrepubliek - Acclaim - Incomparable Ninja
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on May 10, 2009
Good split 7” here from Ireland’s TUNGUSKA, and KARAKTERMOORD from The Netherlands. KARAKTERMOORD starts S-L-O-W with a doom-y Dystopia vibe, before right angling off into a song that sounds like it could be an undiscovered His Hero is Gone number. Filthy doom laden crust. Lovely stuff. TUNGUSKA unleash a fearsome Tragedy/Disfear/Visions Of War style crust number, d-beating their way all over your bonce, and by rights ought to get your fist pumping and your brew spilling all over the people next to you. They follow things up with a Rudimentary Peni cover. I can imagine in tiny sweatbox of a venue with a bunch of punks, these two would provide one heck of a fun gig. Check out the excellent cover artwork to boot!

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