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Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Action Directe - Black Fading
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on May 12, 2009
The first thing that strikes me as I listen to this EP is that it's not simply screamo, which was the sound I was expecting. It definitely fits into this genre to a reasonable extent but I also get a strong hardcore punk vibe. There was a discussion on Collective Zine a while back discussing Italian emo and I think Milvains fit in somewhere between the bands there, such as Antisgammo and Concrete, and more modern screamo bands such as La Quiete and newer bands like Morning Wood and Chinese Dama.

It's both the vocals and guitars which bring about this combined sound. The vocals are screamed at times whilst shouted in European hardcore punk fashion at others. Track two 'La Vendetta Di John Reilly E Tommy Marcano' is a good example of this. The guitars churn about with occasional clean bits of melody. I'm having a bit of trouble describing it aren't I. Some of the other songs are more obviously screamo like, such as 'Ombra E Polvere'.

So yeh, I'm not really happy with this review and I've sucked as describing the sound, whatever. This is cool Italian emo from a band I recently heard about after seeing that they were touring Malaysia and playing the annual We've Lost Beauty fest. Overall there are five quick fire songs and if you like the above mentioned bands you should give it a chance.

12th May 2009

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