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Omerta - Whores Whores Whores


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: This One's For the Crew - Seduction Records
Reviewed by Dangerous Jamie on Jul 4, 2009
Firstly, when I received this via the Queenís postal service and held it in my hands, I spent an awfully long time looking at it and flipping it over to look at each side. This went on for ages. The thick black card felt really nice on my fingers. On top of that, the sublime hand-screened silver paint job makes it look just incredible, especially when you factor in the juxtaposition of the busy Whores x3 side against the cool, collected crest of Omerta. These opposing parallels are also apparent throughout the record.

Side A is two tracks of Whores' own brand of tech grind influenced hardcore, which is both fast and fat. Heavy with blastbeats and soaring riffs that are both destructive and uplifting in one swoop, the two tracks represented on this 7Ē make you wish that Whores Whores Whores hadnít gone and split up almost seconds after releasing this. Iím Fine Thanks For Asking is succinctly fast and to the point, whereas Mannequin Groin meanders through varying levels of grinding intensity until it comes to itís crushing end which, at around four minutes, makes it the grindcore equivalent of the extended version of Freebird.

The Omerta side is altogether more concise, with crust inflected hardcore jams alongside straight-up thrash anthemia. The female vocals add an extra layer of anger to proceedings, on top of the crushing force of the guitars and the powerhouse of snare, toms, and crash work. The four tracks are excellently put together and succinct, although they also plough through very fast, meaning the side is over just as you are getting to grips with Omertaís own hardNfastcore.

Each side compliments the other, and both sides sound fresh and clear through my relatively cheap record player. Limited to 400 copies, this is definitely worth picking up, spinning and spinning and spinning again.

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