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Hey Vampires

Problems, Solve Yourselves

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Two Ticks Records
Reviewed by Graeme Cunningham on Jul 7, 2009
I saw Hey Vampires for the first time recently. They weren't what I expected. Granted, I was going on a summary which consisted mainly of "they're loud" which in itself is not much in way of description. But I feel mislead none the less. Every bastard said loud. Not one of them said "catchy". If you are offering a fair and balanced critique of what Hey Vampires are up to, that adjective has to be in your arsenal.

What's particularly appealing about this catchiness, is it isn't immediately apparent how it works. Hey Vampires aren't drawing listeners in siren style with pop hooks. Its more like catching a meat-hook through the neck. The vocals are hoarse, the riffs disjointed. But my foot is stomping and I'm attempting to holler along with the chorus before I've even worked out the lyrics.

For ball park sounds we can cast glances in the direction of your usual loud indie rock godheads. Only in so far as they're loud and heavy, but not metal exactly. The real star over the course of the four tracks featured here are the vocals. Two voices working in tag-team style, the deeper of the two perhaps doing more grappling here. They have the same hoarse, urgent, rough hewn quality that I so loved in the first couple of Small Brown Bike albums, but these guys have the advantage of being from God's country and with the added accent its a sublime combination.

The recording here is nicely measured, capturing the band sounding pleasingly raw. My only fear here, is that Hey Vampires are only ever going to dissapoint me from here on (their previous demo which I also picked up, gets the big fan dabby dosey Krankies thumbs up from me too). But only a needlesly negative pendant like myself would worry about something like that. This is braw.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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