A horrible hack

Extortion - Rupture


Year Released: 2008
Format: 5"
Label: RSR
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Jul 11, 2009
Another fairly recent offering from EXTORTION here, this time a split 5" with infamous Aussie punks RUPTURE. The 5" will be the bane of your existence if you have a turntable with an automatic arm return. By the time you manage to get it to play, you'll be more pissed off than the gents screaming at you from the grooves in the vinyl. However, if like me, you are a more civilised sort with a manually operated record player, this will be of no consequence to you and you may simply concentrate on just how much these 5 inches of vinyl rage.

I have thrown enough superlatives in EXTORTION's direction already, but needless to say this is yet another utterly essential chunk of wrath, vomit and powerviolence frenzy. 3 tracks. Hacked off with everything. No messing about. Untouchable. If there is a better band playing this kind of fearsomely pissed off INFEST / NO COMMENT inspired hardcore at the moment, then I am yet to hear them. In plain and simple terms it's ruddy great.

RUPTURE had long been in the business puking out tracks of such off colour tastelessness that it would make Anal Cunt blush. But here we are, long after their demise, with RUPTURE posthumously contributing a little ditty by the name of Vegetable Cunt Fun which is simultaneously terrible and great at the same time. It's childish, offensive, and not even fast! Yet is annoyingly catchy and on a really basic primitive punk level, pretty good.

Released on the delightfully named Regurgitated Semen Records!

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