A horrible hack

Mean Jeans

License 2 Chill

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Dirtnap
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 14, 2009
It wasn't all that long ago when Lookout records were the ones piling Ramones clones on us, I guess it's been long enough now that we've come full circle and it's ok to rip off the Ramones again. Mean Jeans make no attempts to hide their influences on this 3 song 45, featuring songs such as "I Think U Stink". You can't really knock it, they do a fine job with the sound, dirtying it up a little and spitting out some great vocals into the bargain. It's catchy, concise and kinda ok. There are much better bands on Dirtnap, but if you've still got a place in your heart for basic, poppy punk then Mean Jeans will make you feel entirely comfortable.

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