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Beholder / Destroyer

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Arclight Communications
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Jul 14, 2009
This is excellent. Truly excellent. Lengthy instrumentals, twiddles, fiddles and a boat load of skramming. Judging by what I had heard by Antilles prior to this release, it's a slight departure - or progression I suppose you could say. Basically, the screamy, chaotic elements are still there, but now they're punctuated by instrumental sections which often go on for 5 minutes or more. A lot of bands of this ilk try to pull it off, but only a few ever succeed. Thankfully, Antilles fall into the latter category.

The twiddles are all over the shop and for the most part work really well. However, some of the time the fiddly bits are more reminiscent of say, Fall of Troy (eurgh) than Hot Cross. That said, I can't help but like them though. From what I've heard, I can safely say that I'm a fan of the vocals in Antilles. The lead chap does a swell job of yelping and screaming along to the songs and the other blokes occasionally lend a hand for chants n' that.

Stand-out sections for me with this album are probably the first and last tracks, although, to be fair, I feel spoilt for choice. It's a shame that this didn't get a release on vinyl as it's quite a grand album. I really feel that the way they're going, they could soon be up there with other screamo bands that incorporate lengthy instrumental sections into their work. In terms of comparisons, maybe think the tech furiosity of Ampere crossed with the more mellow instrumental parts of say, Et tu Brute or Funeral Diner.

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