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Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Foreshadow Music - Deadline
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 2, 2009
Where to go with post-metal? In the case of Polski e-string bashers Blindead, the answer is very much sideways, not-so-bravely going where plenty of other middle-brow, middle-weight and altogether middling acts have gone before them. True enough, it was once perhaps a genre sought by the forgers of brave new frontiers, but given how swiftly this whole lark has stagnated you might be forgiven for thinking that folks nowadays would either be steering well clear of the NeurIsis tarpit or at least trying to mix things up a little. To its credit, "Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes" carries with it plenty of weight, bite and bile and is not an unpleasant way to while away an hour or so; it's just that when the template has been so rigidly adhered to it barely matters a jot, the fact that you can pin the tail on the influence wherever you jump in be it the churning rhythms, slippery octaves or identikit roars effectively smothering all of Blindead's more admirable qualities and leaving them ripe for the very same slagheap as countless others.

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