A horrible hack



Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: allergic to fun
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Aug 11, 2009
Recall my review of Antilles' 'Beholder/Destroyer'? This is shorter, faster and ultimately...better. Gone, gone, gone is the post-rockery that I actually quite enjoyed on the last album. They've cut all that out and what you're left with is 4 tracks (this is a one-sided 12") of screamo goodness. The EP was recorded under the supervision of Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios so that should kind of give you a rough idea of the sound that you're getting - parts of the EP do sound a bit Ampere-ish. I suppose another couple of contemporary comparisons could be Lion of the North or MANS, but to be honest, I think Antilles have the edge on those guys, mainly due to the diversity of their songs. It's all quick changes from Orchid-like chaos (albeit not as heavy) to more melodic sections, then straight back into it again. There's pretty, twiddly guitars and distorted, often sinister sounding guitars and the drum sections are pretty cool too. Same as with the previous releases though, the vocals really get my screamo feet a-tapping. The guys a wailer! Best songs (pick of the bunch), 'Histories' and 'Vanity' I reckon. Another solid screamo release from the Ohio quartet.

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