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Old Pride

Year Released: 2009
Format: CDR
Label: Black Jaw
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Aug 25, 2009
After last year’s split with Ezra Joyce, I was quite excited for this band’s next release. It turns out that my hopes were unfounded as ‘Old Pride’ doesn’t live up to the hype (that my brain created) at all. So, what’s wrong with it? It’s far too long for a start. Yes, this is one of ‘those’ bands that try to blend post-rock with screamo, and on the split 7” I really thought it worked for them – in an album format though, I grow quite weary after the third or fourth track. I think the worst thing for me is how unbelievable it is as an album. I shall explain. Screamo is meant to sound gritty and dirty; this album is so polished that I can practically see my fair, balding head in it. You wouldn’t get Mark Ronson (pick of the bunch) to record/master/produce/whatever a ________ (insert contemporary screamo band here) album, so I haven’t a clue what this band were thinking.

These guys can clearly play their instruments very well and I’m sure they’re nice chaps and all that jazz, but they could be doing something so much better! There are some decent sections here and there but ultimately, nobody’s going to listen to a five or six minute song for a few seconds of skrammy goodness. ‘Filial’s probably the best track on the album, but you’d be much better off listening to their split 7”. I think the very last track may have actually invented a new genre….’bore-mo’. Nigh on eight-fucking-minutes. Cripes.

The only reason I’m so naffed off at this album is because I thought it’d be really great. Alas! On the next release I want to see less post rock and roll, less songs, worse production and less cheesy vocals. Thank you.

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