A horrible hack

Radio Burroughs

The Principles of Hope or Hybris

Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: altinvillageandmine - Monocore - asymmetrie
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 28, 2009
I was really surprised to see this LP come out, the last time we reviewed a Radio Burroughs record was way back in 2006, and although I hadn't considered the band much since then, I was interested to hear what they had come up with. Firstly, I must say that I really like that the cover of this LP has an actual piece of string on it. Very emo. Anyway, after that, we get to the music, which is rolling post punk / emo, sprinkling elements of Reiziger, Kolya and Slint into the sound. The vocals are insistent, urgent and talky. And female. You don't really hear many bands with female vocals doing this style, and that definitely helps with the uniqueness. Over the course of the record, things do get a touch repetetive, which is perhaps to be expected with this sound, but whilst the likes of Kolya get away with it, Radio Burroughs sometimes slip into the background.

Things get off to a great start however with "Hands Up", which rolls along effortlessly before suddlenly it blazes. The change in speeds with an injection of energy raises an eyebrow and works perfectly, giving the first hint that the band won't be entirely one paced. These moments of change help make an impression, I certainly get most out of this album when things are flying along excitedly rather than dawdling a touch. And that is the album in a nutshell, brooding, downbeat moments that surge into excitable passages that thrill somewhat. It's a solid combination.

I'll hark back to the Reiziger comparison here, I was never a massive fan of that band but did appreciate their music. I think Radio Burroughs are a perfect fit there, and if you miss the European elegenace of that band, then this LP is almost definitely going to be up your street also.

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