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C'est Urekha!


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Internationale
Reviewed by Gareth L on Aug 29, 2009
Well, my second screamo CD review in one night, and I bought two Slayer CDs today that I should probably be rocking out to. No solo King solo Hanneman here, instead a 4 track demo from a young skrambo outfit from Malaysia which was the first release on the label of CZ's very own Oli Saunders. Excellent broken English song titles and lyrics ranging from the passionate and angry to the downright bizarre ('I will build a rainbow bridge') that I will not smirk at too much as my Malay isn't particularly strong.

Anyway, I really like this here CD. It just screams (literally) passion and enthusiasm, and is over way too fast. The vocals in particular are excellent, and listening to it now for the first time in a while it sounds better than I remember, the drums are a bit tinny but as it's a demo there is bound to be some 'character' to the proceedings. The main thing I like about the demo, and the recording totally adds to this, is the chaotic feel of the tracks, it sounds at times that everyone is playing just a tad faster than they agreed before they went into the studio and it sounds great, ah the exhuberance of a first demo. Looking forward to seeing what these guys do next, if they can maintain this kind of breathless energy it'll be a blast. Check them out.

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