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Year Released: 2009
Format: Tape
Label: Stoneville
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Sep 5, 2009
Just a quick screamo review to get the weekend going. You may recall Daighila's previous releases - two demos and a split tape with Noisy Sins Of The Insect - or you may not. They were also supposed to appear on a split 7'' with Quebec for which Quebec have an unreleased song ready for, but this has not happened yet. The band have played a good number of gigs across Malaysia, they also tried to tour Australia but upon entering the country were seperated and interogated for 6 hours before being sent home, accused of being illegal immigrants searching for work. Of course the problem was that they couldn't provide information about their band and tour since they didn't have the expensive licenses / work permits required.

I would refer to Daighila as slightly technical screamo. The guitar sound is refreshing, with lots of variation. As are the other instruments too, there's a nice mix of melody and then crashing moments of intensity. The vocals are awesome, raw sounding and indecipherable screams. Not actually a million miles away from the likes of Usurp Synapse, not quite as abrasive though. Maybe if you crossed them with the vocals from Khmer Rouge. The songs are similar sounding to the ones of the split with Noisy Sins (can't remember what the demo songs sound like) but I'd say they are better. The intensity has been upped and maybe there is less technical instrumental bits than on that split. I've just listened to this tape four times over and it hasn't got boring - in fact it sounds pretty great. Six songs, with nice lyric explanations in the insert. Overall this finds a niche in the world of screamo which I would say is somewhere between ye olde screamo and the more modern sound. This was released by Stoneville records who I have never heard of and can find no information about at all!

5th September 2009

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