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Young Widows - Pelican


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Temporary Residence
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Oct 6, 2009
The first track is by Young Widows (obviously) and is called ‘Midwestern’. Now, upon reading this my emo synapses began firing and I got quite excited. This is quite a long song and if it weren’t for the vocals I think it’d be flippin’ excellent. It’s essentially a big build up that goes absolutely nowhere. The instruments all sound really spot-on and a tad midwestmo I suppose but again, THE VOCALS. I find them too harsh. Thumbs down to you Young Widows. I can see however, why lots of people would like them (and they do), the vocals just ruin it for me. On the B-side is Pelican. Shame on me for forgetting about this band. This song – ‘Inch Above Sand’ - has successfully reignited my love affair with them. There’s plenty of chugging to go around, offset by a couple of quiet bits which feature really cool, delicate guitar riffs. Nice.

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