A horrible hack


El Mal

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Alone (Spain)
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 8, 2009
Bit of a puzzling one from this Spanish duo, an instrumental guitar/drums combo that occasionally lands on some neat riffs but doesn't much know what to do with them. The songs are brief little things that tend to linger around the two-minute mark, matching the crunchy low-end of Black Cobra with the noodling chin-stroke of something like Dianogah but with neither the killer hooks nor the ability to draw out their better ideas beyond the realm of vague, hazy-edged sketches. This all makes for something eminently listenable but nonetheless rather frustrating - the moment the band locks into a groove things draw to an unexpected halt and it's onto the next song with a string of three or four riffs that mightn't be nearly as good, suggesting that, next time around, the band might be minded to halve the number of songs they plonk on an album in favour of letting those more interesting moments wander a little further.

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