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Watch Your Step

Taking You Down With Me II

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Tee Pee
Reviewed by Graeme Cunningham on Oct 15, 2009
Italian hardcore. An Australian edition of their album no less. Because they toured there. They also toured Brazil by the look of the Myspace. How the fuck did they pull that off? Do Australia and Brazil not have hardcore bands that sound exactly like this? Why do they need to import Italian ones? Is that not expensive? They sing in English anyway, its not like Parma Ham. It's not uniquely Italian in some way. Mind you, I suppose people are producing fake Parma Ham all over these days (they call it Pink Gold in some circles). So I suppose its only fair Italians start exporting American sounding hardcore.

Maybe good American hardcore just can't be arsed with Australia and Brazil. I can understand Australia, I've expressed my concerns about that lot before. But Brazil? Surely that'd be worth a visit? I know if I was in an American hardcore band I'd rather go to Brazil than come to the UK. Its SHIT over here. Seriously, if your living in the states, and you play this sort of hardcore (the kind about not letting people bring you down, mainly fast, occasionally chuggy, all your mates gathering around the mic to shout back up vocals, some of the members writing X's around their names) go to Brazil! If you come here you'll end up sleeping on cold floors in shitty small houses. We wont even give you free beer. As for drugs? Forget it.

You might gather from the lack of talking about the actual record, I don't have much to say about it. It's not bad, per-say. Just kind of pointless.

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