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OCD Go Go Go Girls

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: wichita
Reviewed by Ben Haynes on Oct 15, 2009
So, after 3 excellent singles on Jonson Family and a raucous, exhilarating 13-minute, 7-track EP for Wichita last year, Lovvers are back with their first full-length. After what seems like constant touring over the last couple of years, you might have thought theyíd find their niche, make a logical and linear progression from those previous recordings and deliver a tight, focused, clean and well-produced album, fully representative of the aggressive, highly-charged shows that we hear about so often ending in confusion and complaint. But, of course, youíd be wrong.

The last few times Iíve caught Lovvers playing out they havenít failed to put a smile on my face. The Wipers/Germs/Black Lips comparisons are easy ones to make for any of the thousands of touring scuzzed-out garage rock bands doing the rounds at the moment, but thereís something genuinely unique and way above the average going on here. Twelve songs rattle through in half an hour and Iíll be damned if thereís even one that isnít catchy as hell. Itís rough, primitive, fuzzy and completely unprofound, but thatís precisely what makes the whole thing so utterly charming and enjoyable.

This is a record that feels and sounds almost effortless - comfortable, even - despite being made up entirely of what are essentially urgent, simple, short, bare-bones blasts of pop-tinged garage punk. Whether itís the donít-give-a-fuck lo-fi analogue recording or the brash, scruffy vocal that barely holds together (thankfully kept low in the mix throughout) - I canít quite put my finger on it. But Lovvers are easily the best band of their kind in the UK right now and ĎOCD Go Go Go Girlsí goes to prove that they donít just think so too, they really know.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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