A horrible hack



Year Released: 2008
Format: CDR
Label: Discount Horse
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 26, 2009
Holy crap, this is a weird mix! Throw together End of a Year, and Of Death, and you get the two singers Glaciers?! One singer is all deep and meaningfulmo, and then they have this squawking bird or something. Or maybe it's the same guy? But I have my doubts. Glaciers here knock out 5 songs of hardcore, they've been and gone and these songs were recorded for a freebie demo in 2007 but have now been given a proper release a bit further along the line. The music is pretty straight forward hardcore, mixing up some chuggy but melodic hardcore with some slightly more urgent stuff, but it is those ludicrous vocals that really define it. I am kind of interested that the band makes a bit of a mention on the insert of having the usual lefty / liberal punk leanings, but there ain't no lyrics! The bird guy could be yelling "I fucking love Nick Griffin!" for all I know. This is a decent release, I am sure all the guys have gone on to something a little less generic musically, and I hope the bird guy is still squawking in some band or other these days - fair play to that dude.

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