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Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Mother Chorizo
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 30, 2009
Apeshit is pretty much the only emo violence band still out there, right? This seven inch is 7 chaotic slices of the stuff at 45RPM. The recording lets things down slightly, it's thin but where as Mohinder got away with that, the vocals and drums take a bit too much of centre stage here. The music is pitched somewhere between End of the Century Party, Honeywell and Mohinder - all blazing, vaguely melodic guitars and a guy yelling his head off. The songs are all a couple of minutes long and played extremely fast, as you would come to expect from the genre. I sort of realise that perhaps this review is not that much use to anyone new to the style but I expect anyone even momentarily interested in fast emo has probably already heard the influences that this band has. On "Pasta Rasta" they show a slower, more experimental side to the band, with widdly guitars and a chuggy pace. That's pretty much the only relent you'll get with this record. If you're still thrilled by dudes thrashing guitars, rolling on the floor and screaming (and why not), then Apeshit are probably the only band out there right now doing this thing that I can bring myself to listen to a full record by. Apeshit is good shit.

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