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Reflect The Filth

Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Mad At The World - Challenge The Throne - Grrman
Reviewed by Gareth L on Nov 4, 2009
Gnarly as fuck two man eighties-style punk rock done right. Totally no nonsense, no solos, no choruses, just balls out heavy hardcore. Normally with this kind of sound the vocals tend to be a bit lower but the snarled strained yelling here works so well, buried a little in the mix and having this slight echo that makes them sound even more raw, almost reaching black metal scratchiness at certain points! Between each song here there is awesome feedback which creates that live feel, complimented by the suitably crunchy production. Not much space to breathe or take a minute here and that's a good thing, riff after riff of mostly fast but not too fast hxc jams.

The b-side of the record is a live performance which as expected sounds very similar to the recorded stuff on the first side. A really awesome record that gets better with every listen and suitably refreshing after listening to nothing but miserable synth dirges for the last few days, excellent artwork too. Whenever I hear a band like this, Iron Lung, Rhino Charge and suchlike I always think wow, who needs bass? At some point during the live set they declare, 'there's other bands who know how to play individual notes...we obviously don't, we're fucking cavemen'. Wikipedia tells me the philosopher Thomas Hobbes said that the life of the human being without civilization was, amongst other things 'nasty, brutish and short'. Rather like this record, then.

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