A horrible hack

Austin Lucas

Somebody Loves You

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Suburban Home
Reviewed by Andy B on Nov 9, 2009
I'm in a bit of a weird dilemma with this CD, before reviewing it, I did my research, and it seems that none of Austin Lucas' past releases have been reviewed on Collective, which would make this one the first. Now, for those who don't know, Austin is the son of the "legendary" Bob Lucas, who I'd never heard of past his connection with Austin, but he's on the Bristle Ridge collaboration with Chuck Ragan, and that he recorded Austin's earlier albums. Austin himself has been playing guitar in crust punks Guided Cradle and living in the Czech Republic for the last couple of years, but these solo albums are testament to his roots or something.

Which brings me to my main issue with this review, I really love Austin's stuff, I love his voice, the way the songs flow and generally his albums are a good mix of upbeat country / bluegrass rockers with a couple of country ballads thrown in, for a fan of this genre, it doesn't get boring. However, in my opinion, this is his weakest release to date, mostly because 4 of the songs on this album are re-recordings of songs found on his previous solo release "at war with freak folk", I don't know whether that release was euro only or something, but i'm a bit miffed by it, I'd like some new songs please.

It does however have some cracking new songs, the title track is a vicious stab directed at an un-named racist, its quite aggressive lyrically for someone like Austin. Go West is easily my favourite song on this album, or indeed any album, so that kind of rescues it, its not a bad record, it just wouldn't be my first choice recommendation for someone wanting to investigate Austin's stuff. Better to start with "The Common Cold" or "Putting the Hammer Down".

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