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Brilliant Colors


Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Captured Tracks
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 13, 2009
I stumbled across MP3s of these guys OOP singles earlier this year, and so was pretty chuffed when Captured Tracks deigned to stick them both on a 12". Of course, this review itself is now a bit delayed and Brilliant Colors have outgrown their humble beginnings as a blog band (ugh) and have an LP out on Slumberland. A fine choice of label that certainly suits them. I've not given that one a spin yet, but it's on my "To Do" list (Spotify is pretty ridiculous). Anyways, back to this old stuff - I think why I initially fell for this band was the sheer "I really am fucking bored" boredness of the vocals. I love a bored vocal, especially a bored female vocal, mostly as that is the tone of voice that most girls will display when talking to me, so I feel right at home. Side A dishes up their Make A Mess single, a record I tried to buy, failed, and then ended up listening to Grass Widow because of. Score! Anyway, it's four songs of lackadaisically vocalled post punk / indie. The songs glide by in a haze of simplicity. The production is basic, not because it's hip, but because it suits the music. The rhythms are tight and economical, creating interesting melodies that clash with those previously mentioned several times vocals. These songs are the most interesting on this record. The two from the Captured Tracks seven are not quite in the same league, but still of high enough quality, "Highly Evolved" lowers the tempo a touch and the vocals add the skill of "out of tune" to their repetoire. There's also a previously unreleased bonus track to screw all the early adopters who need to own everything by the band. It's a worthy addition, it sounds like their other stuff. Can't complain!

I realise in this review that I have really failed at describing how they sound and merely wibbled about why I like them instead, mostly as I really don't know how to describe bands like this or who to compare them to. And just be grateful this review is not twice as long or written in narrative form or as two people discussing it or some shit.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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