A horrible hack

Kowloon Walled City

Gambling On The Richter Scale

Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: perpetual motion machine
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Nov 29, 2009
Plundering that lovingly misanthropic vibe that Amphetamine Reptile bands were famous for (relatively speaking that is), Kowloon Walled City employ some impressively gnarly low-end from the production school that unfortunately only lives in my head (alumni: Floor, High On Fire et al) to create some new-wave noise-rock that I can really get behind.

It kicks off well enough, satisfyingly heavy and surprisingly catchy, and while you may suspect it’s nothing to really piss your pants over, the fourth track “Sleep Debt” comes along and it really takes flight with its toughened, dirging exterior and noise whiteouts at the core. If you dig Karp, Harkonen and Cavity, you’ll be right at home with this.

I’ve been a bit naughty and reviewed the free download which has been very graciously provided by the band on their website. I promise to purchase a proper copy soon enough. Honest.

Perpetual Motion Machine
Kowloon Walled City

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