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Viva la Revolution

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: TamJam Music
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 2, 2009
This music feels a bit out of it's time. It reminds me of stuff off these indie / punk comp CDs that I remember picking up around 1998. However, I can't remember the names of those comps for the life of me. They generally featured bands that played support slots for Midget. Just really simple, poppy stuff, pretty catchy, pretty inoffensive, just a band getting on with being a band and having fun. Viva La Revolucion is kind of like Travis Cut lite, pretty rocking, decent vocals, solid little tune. After that is "Xmas Time", which is, clearly, a song for Christmas. Except not. I have noted that on the back of the CD it lists "Radio Edit" and "Explicit Mix". Yeah, that's probably enough info for you. The band explains that the song is a story, and that the 'character' in the song is the one referring to someone as a "fucking whore", and not the band themselves. I still think it's pathetic and unnecessary, and without the explanation that I got sent I wonder how many people who hear this are going to realise that's the case anyway.

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