A horrible hack

Ten City Nation

At the Still Point

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Sturm Und Drang Recordings
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Dec 7, 2009
Three A4 pages of press shit, and a cdr with a sticker on it. A sticker with their publicist's contact details. Man, you know Snow Patrol? Do you remember back in 97 or 96 when they had their first single and it was a fuzzy mess that sounded, well, a little bit dangerous for the radio? Did you see them on tour when they were rolling around on the floor asking for more drugs? And we all know what they sound like now. Well this record is like that - it starts out fuzzed up and then winds up with a bunch of boring rock songs. I imagine if you're a fan of bands like Reuben you might enjoy this but to be blunt, this is complete crap. You know where it's going....

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