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Antilles - Mountain Asleep


Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Brightskull
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Dec 14, 2009
Being the world’s biggest appreciator of Antilles, this has been a long anticipated split for me. Never really heard Mountain Asleep before though. They do this twiddly punkmo sort of thing and I’m not too sure if I like it. I mean it’s not painful to listen to or anything, but it doesn’t grab (and keep) my attention much either. Lots of kids appear to be into them though so maybe I’m wrong. It seems as though it was well worth the wait for the Antilles side mind. 2 more songs here in that angular and often jazzy take on City of Caterpillar kinda stuff. Really nice. Both songs are ace but the dénouement of ‘Said and Done’ is a nice, melodic come-down from the jangly guitars and crashing drums that inhabit the rest of their side. These guys appear to have gone to great deal of trouble with their packaging which is kinda nice to see; inserts akimbo and download codes etc. A super-swell record that feels ever-so-slightly let down by Mountain Asleep.

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