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Visions of a Landscape

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Golden Antenna
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Dec 19, 2009
This isn’t what I was expecting. Why is it that I can listen to instrumental post-rock but when it contains vocals (and a lot of them in this case) it just makes me want to tear what little hair I have left out? This collection of songs ranges from 5 to almost 13 minutes in length and that’s just fine, but there’s so much vox in there, it’s driving me mad. It’s as if they’re actually scared of shutting up for a good few minutes and just having the instruments speak. I mean, I realise that the vocals are important, but there’s no need to over-do it. When it’s an instrumental section, it’s almost enjoyable (if quite predictable) too which is a shame.

This is quite a medley of a band actually; some parts remind me of Mogwai circa-‘Come on Die Young’, I can see a definite Oceansize influence in there (unfortunately), whilst the press release says that their music is “Black Sabbath meets Ian Curtis” but I think the vocals just sound like Michael Stipe…

Listening to this has confused me somewhat. I don’t like it but neither do I dislike it. I don’t feel much for it to be honest. I think it’s meant to be music for ‘nice’ people or something.

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