A horrible hack

A/V Murder


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Local Cross
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 22, 2009
This is the second 7" I've heard by these lot after the one on Dusty Medical, and they're setting themselves up as a pretty solid band in the whole distorted, garage punk rock arena. Featuring folk from Tyrades (no idea) and CoCoComa (oh yeah), "Tourettes" is the a-side here and it is a true blaster, with wildly jagged guitar and muffled, emphatic vocals. It sits nicely alongside bands such as DC Snipers, a prime example of the beautiful ugliness that is punk rock. "Fight Like A Man" is a touch of madness, and it cranks things out on the flip. The eerie beginnings and darkness bring to mind a bit of a reckless Gravity Records sound (pardon my reference points), with some pulsing fx-ed up yells, and some beserk saxamaphone in there at the end. Off kilter and fascinating. Two good sides of differing music here, worth a look if you like your garage stuff a bit wonky.

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