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Devotion Implosion

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Cordless
Reviewed by David Giles on Dec 28, 2009
If you look around for other reviews of this album, you’ll see a fair amount of Jesus And Mary Chain references peppered about. Perhaps people are only making those comparisons because they can’t think of any other shoegazers to compare this to. Personally, I think this is more Ash and Keane than Mary Chain. And yeah, I’m aware that neither of those bands play shoegaze but I don’t know if I really think Gliss do either. Maybe I’m way off, but I feel that there is more to shoegazing than ‘pop rock with the distortion turned up’. This seems to lack the laid-back brooding I associate with the genre. In fact, I can imagine this being played in the club I went to on my staff night out. Maybe they’ll make it big. I’m sure they’d love to.I wonder if it is a coincidence that, so far, all the CDs with barcodes that I have reviewed have had lyrics that are so horrific that I've seen fit to mention them in my review. This time: "In your heart/In Your Heart/Its a start/In your heart/In your heart/In your heart darlin'/Its a start darlin'". While you could do worse than picking this up for a couple of pence on Amazon, I wouldn’t rush out to buy it.

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