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Best Coast


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Group Tightener
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 30, 2009
I picked up a tape by these ones earlier this year and was all "pffffffft". Because I wanted it to sound like Katie the Pest. It didn't (either that, or my car tape player was conspiring against me to come up with it's own interpretation for music as it so often does.) Luckily, best Coast have now released a new 7", and I am happy to report that indeed, this time, it is sitting in the same ballpark as Katie the Pest. That ballpark would be Dodger Stadium, nestled somewhere in the bleachers with a cold beer on a deleriously warm day, post a few hazy smokes. Best Coast shimmers through four utterly fine songs on this seven. You get your gloriously blown out vocals, slumming it over the fuzzed reverb pumped to the maxxxx. This is summer jams left lying around in the depths of winter. I turned my heating off whilst listening to this record. I'm just left waiting for an LP now, sometime around June 2010 would do the trick. Just need some longer songs and a tiny bit more focus. Cheers Best Coast, I am sure you will make a record to my exact specifications now!
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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