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Ils Consomment, Tuent Et Prient Mais Ne Pensent Pas

Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Internationale - Ruin Your Fun - For U & X - Let The Tigers Out - Still Leben - Swarm of Nails
Reviewed by Gareth L on Jan 11, 2010
Like Patrick Vieira, this band have an extra vowel in their name that always throws me and also like Patrick Vieira, they speak French although these dudes are actually from Belgium, a place not really known for producing punk bands. Excellent artwork, lovely zine-esque booklet with song lyrics, drawings, opinions and photos means that before I've even put the thing on the turntable I'm kind of into it. And it (mostly) doesn't disappoint, although sounding a little different to what I was expecting, which was full on euroskram. Much of the record is actually mid-paced and fairly heavy, with some screamo trimming here and there. It reminds me quite a lot of Belle Epoque in places and other Frenchmo bands, rumbling along a like a slowed down version of fellow French-speakers Iscariote. I think it's this kind of samey pace that makes me feel the record is a tad long and has a few too many plodding instrumental bits but just enough going on to keep me interested. Good stuff, just a bit of a slow burner.

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