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Bangers - Break the Habit


Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: This One's For the Crew
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jan 22, 2010
Who still listens to pop punk? Loads of bastards! Bangers (named after former Southampton midfielder, Nicky Banger) appear to have first billing on this 45rpm split twelve inches, and their side admirably succeeds in making my cynical self vaguely chirpy. This is fast, melodic, energetic stuff. Clearly Bangers is a bunch of positive dudes with shit beards hi-fiving and listening to Latterman whilst drinking shitty American beer. At least that's the image they summon up, but they're from Falmouth (where?) and don't seem to have beards. That's the only real problem with Bangers, this sounds so ridiculously Yankee. It's still fun mind you. Five songs that blast on through, utilising driving riffs and gang vocals. Like if Hot Water Music's records were played on 45 instead of 33... This is far too posi for me but I enjoy their intentions although I don't see myself coming back to this.

Break the Habit isn't so different superficially, but they have these fucking awesome vocals that actually makes them sound English. It's this mad guy yelping and hollering about shit, instead of being a Yankee. On some songs, it's not singing, just the aforementioned dude yelling wildly whilst the band play absurdly fast melodies. Sometimes he trades bits with another dude. Other times he sings, those bits are cool too as the English accent shines on through. The music is kind of like Lifetime, it sounds like everyone has this massive grin going. This is so infectious, I think if you went to see Break the Habit, the universe would possibly actually be swallowed hole by some form of positive anomaly caused by smiling. I am not really sure what they are up to, but I do know this is brilliant! Some of the most enjoyable UK pop punk I have heard in a long long time. This has confounded me utterly. I think it's mostly because it reminds me of Lifetime, but somehow sounds resolutely English. A great combo and one side of a 12" is the perfect length.

This LP gets 'recommended' just for the Break the Habit side, check it out if you don't mind smiling.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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