A horrible hack

Los Salvadores

Wasps, Birds & Clients

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Mel Hughes on Jan 27, 2010
I honestly didn't know what to expect with LOS SALVADORES, sometimes this can be good or bad. Luckily with 'Wasps, Birds & Clients' it's the former and I'm pleasantly surprised to find a CD full of wholesome organic tunes. The songs have are upbeat and are full of body shaking melodies. With an underlying punk (using that term very loosely) base for their beat, they belt out 6 excellent songs that have a bit of pop, folk, ska and just plain heartfelt melodies. The B52's and SAW DOCTORS always bang on the back of my head when I'm trying to convey, in working man terms, how good this band are and the influences that flow through my body. Awesome stuff and it had my daughter and I dancing about like muppets in the kitchen.

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