A horrible hack



Year Released: 2009
Format: 2x7"
Label: Haunter Records
Reviewed by David Giles on Feb 4, 2010
Dark, noisy, 90s-style metallic hardcore complete with solos and growled vocals. It makes me think of a rumbling metalcore version of Eating Glassí ĎFeed Them To The Vulturesí EP at times. Note that when I say Ďmetalcoreí Iím not talking about any of this new-age, hip bullshit. Iím talking about heavy, negative 90s metallic hardcore somewhere along the lines of Integrity. Recently, Iíve been coming across more and more rad 90s-style music and this band are the latest additions to my list. While not particularly groundbreaking, this is one of the most solid EPs Iíve heard in a while and Lightbringer are definitely a band worth checking out. The solos are a bit of a let down for me as I prefer my chuggery more straight forward and uncompromising, but itís hardly song ruining. Props for releasing this themselves too. If more bands were acting like these guys, Iíd be stoked. Keep an eye on this band.

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