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Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: bakery outlet - Echo Canyon
Reviewed by Dan Bennett on Feb 16, 2010
Late 2009 saw the (rather low key) release of Tuber's 3rd album "Anachronous", the follow up to 2007's "Shell Out", an album I only recently discovered but thoroughly enjoyed none the less.

Kicking off with the minute and a half burst of "High Tide It's Inside", it's clear that "Anachronous" is the band at their noisiest, with a much rawer, angrier sound than before.

It may sound like a contradiction but somehow despite the increased discordance, the band have managed to retain their definitive melodic sound underneath the newly found harsh exterior as demonstrated on tracks like "68? and "The Expense of Flight".

As with their prior efforts, Tubers have again dropped a couple of instrumental numbers on this album, namely in the form of "Unmutual" and "40 XL", both being rather sparse in content but with the former being a nicely picked number and the latter sounding like a typical Slint riff being played underwater. Having said that, both tracks do well at setting up the songs to follow.

The album really excels with the track "These Quantum Leaps Are Killing Me", a chaotic mess of screaming that rings with passion that still finds room for a bout of punk rock to shine through toward the end.

You may have already gathered this, but "Anachronous" is definitely a different beast compared to it's predecessors. And while it's sure to deter some, it certainly is some of the band's best and most interesting material to date.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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