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Of Our Lives

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Burnished Salmon
Reviewed by David Giles on Feb 28, 2010
Lets be honest, no-one reading reviews on Collective-Zine is going to be the least bit interested in ‘post-hardcore’ MTV-friendly, Underoath-worship bullshit. I’m still a little surprised every time I meet someone over the age of 16 who is into this kind of music. While I understand that it is unfair to assume that a person’s taste in music has anything to do with their intelligence, I definitely sense a correlation when it comes to this stuff. After all, it’s when there’s a band that sounds like this is playing at my work that the 20-something guys with 15 year old girlfriends and diamonds tattooed on their necks crawl out of the woodwork and compare piercings/chat about how drunk they are. Perhaps the popularity of this music has something to do with the tendency of impressionable teenage girls to befriend these bands over myspace and, with the promise of scoring a crucial boyfriend in a band, go to all their shows. It would definitely make a lot of sense if the ‘fans’ didn’t actually care about the music and were just trying to impress other ‘fans’/their friends/the band members. Then the ‘fans’ are just people who really care about impressing each other, and the only people giving a shit about the music are the band. A stretch, perhaps, but I find it more believable than people actually digging Avosetta. Music-wise this is exactly what you’d expect from the Underoath-sound-alike school of ‘post-hardcore’: insincere, over-dramatic nonsense for idiots. AVOID.

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