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Best Coast - Jeans Wilder


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Atelier Ciseaux
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 28, 2010
ARGH BEST COAST, hurry up with that LP. This comes on the heels of a seven that I drooled over last year, and it is more of the same stuff. Dust clogged needle rides over summer jams, like that Katie the Pest CD that a few of us went nuts over on Collective Zine last summer. The guitar buzzes lazily, like some kind of stoned wasp, whilst the spot on vocals are somewhere over there in the distance, shimmering. There doesn't appear to be any drums here, I can't remember if there was any on the 7", there definitely isn't on a fairly mediocre tape that Best Coast released last year, so I guess that's part of the thing. ... "I wanna see you, for ever and ever..."

Jeans Wilder on the other side is rather Fred Thomasian, not that this description means a whole lot, given that Thomas bounces around stylistically every couple of years. Basically what I mean by that is a guy playing stubbornly un-poppy, bedroom made pop music. This is all broken sounds, propelled by a barely functioning bass belch, and out of tune vocals that completely lack direction. If you have a penchance for misguided attempts at creating pop music with as little melody as possible, then this may be right up your street.

Good split.

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