A horrible hack

Everything We Left Behind

Pull Back and Go

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Mar 9, 2010
This was a tricky one. I'm in two minds over this. Maybe even 3 or 4 minds when it comes down to it. A many-minded beast in fact.

Everything We Left Behind don't dawdle or stick around. Certainly not, Officer. Rather they’ve already skated halfway down the street. It’s them there kids over there, the ones with the No Use for a Name and NOFX shirts. The scruffy ones that were throwing empty Carlsberg cans at my cat. Kids these days.

Nar nee nar nar nar. Wooah woooh. Straight up pop punk chords, duelling vocalists, all rapid-fire snotty songs and brash attitude. I suspect this is the point (before we go any further) I am obliged to point out that I reckon the band probably own a copy each of Dude Ranch. I suspect furthermore, with my Sherlock-like wits, that they are also well versed in the rest of the Blink 182 back catalogue, including the b-sides, rarities, and side projects. With the addition of some further educated guessing, I would venture to speculate that they can play a few Blink 182 songs note perfect.

It’s not just "Everything..." sound a bit like Blink 182, or maybe have a few songs that sound reminiscent here and there, More that if I didn’t know better, I would think that this was a brand new Blink 182 album, albeit somewhat off form. Both singers have the balance that Mark and Tom have, the guitars pogo around the place, probably the only way to tell the difference is the slight English tang to the singing. Weird.

Not attempting to detract from the music, they had the plan of action sorted, clearly knew where they were aiming, hitting squarely amidships. Definitely one for the folk who think that music stopped with “Less Talk, More Rock” in 1996.

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